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The Gibson Girl
Jillian Clark Gibson
©2006, The Gibson Girl

Welcome to The Gibson Girl and our collection of purses for special occasions. We hope you enjoy our bags. Our greatest pleasure comes from those of you who say, “I want this one…and this one…oh, I want this one, too.”


The Gibson Girl bag is named after the famed icon of femininity in the early 1900s; the original Gibson Girl, a product of the imagination of artist and illustrator Charles Dana Gibson, was, for her time, the model of femininity and flair. When she entered a room, heads turned. She was mimicked by women and admired by men – in fact, she was the first true “super model.” Perhaps her most appealing characteristic was the hint of mischief in her eyes. The Gibson Girl had spirit and self-confidence -- her legacy to the woman of today.


And to enhance those qualities, today’s woman can now enjoy The Gibson Girl bag, the perfect elegant and stylish accessory – with a hint of sass and a lot of sparkle.


Most of our purses are perfect for any season; many of our bags can be used for any occasion, day or night, and others are designed only for evening functions.  Especially for evening, we've got some yummy clutch purses - just roomy enough to hold lipstick, cell phone, keys and a little bit of cash.  And as you deck yourself in finery for the holidays, we've got some beautiful velvet holiday purses to complement any outfit. 


Don't forget to check out our line of silk Scottish tartan purses.  We're happy to work with you on fashioning a purse using a tartan of your choice.  And if you're a bride planning the most wonderful day of your life, we would love to work with you to create the perfect Bridal bag.


Do you have a special occasion for which you need a bag? Have you seen a beautiful fabric you would like fashioned into a purse? Do you like one of the handles shown on this site, but prefer the fabric of another bag?  Please contact us.  We are more than happy to work with you on special requests.


Please visit us often. We look forward to hearing from you.  


Jillian Clark Gibson
5055 S. Chesterfield Road
Arlington VA 22206